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Hook-Um Lure Pads
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Hook-Um Pads keep your lures secure and readily accessible. It's The new soft tackle box! Hook-um was uniquely designed for safe and easy storage of lures because the hooks are covered by rubber. No other fishing organizer can compare. Both sides are useable and you can view the lures all at one time.

Hook-Um Pads prevent tangled hooks in trays and compartments. It's easy to just place the hooks in the rubber to store them or pull them out for quick access.

Conventional tackle boxes don't allow wet lures to dry. Hook-um allows the lures to dry out evenly when stored in this unique rubber pad. Tired of straightening your lures especially after your tackle box is dropped and turned over? Hook-Um Pads allow you to say goodbye to this problem keeping you fishing for longer!

Have you ever dropped or lost your tackle box overboard due to the awkward designs? Hook-Um attaches securely to your boat's bulkhead, cabin or dash with Velcro strips. Lures stay in place safe and secure.

Forget digging trough your tackle box and getting hooked trying to pick out your favorite lure. Just remove the lure from the rubber pad and you're fishing. Running out of compartments in your tackle box? As you can see, each Hook-Um Pad holds a large amount of lures.
  Soft Tackle System

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