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The Fishing Butler

The fishing butler was designed to make your life easier. No more broken, dried out rubber bands, twist ties that aren'tít long enough or borrowing your wivesí/girlfriend hair bands. The fishing butler is most useful when the fishing rods are broken down at the end of the day for storage.

Just slip the fishing butler over the end of the rod and tighten. Rods are kept safe and secure for storage. Sure, you currently use rubber bands, but how long do they last before they dry out and break? There is nothing more frustrating than calling it a day, then storing your rods and finding out they are all broken and dried out. This doesn't happen with fishing butler.

Fishing butler also serves other purposes. Once on the rods, they can be used to hang up the rods for storage. You can use one to hang vertically or two for horizontal hanging. Another popular use for fishing butlers is to slip over your rods to secure dipsy divers, lures and other devices when moving from one location to another. Everything is stored and won't get tangled.

Itís time to quit being frustrated with broken rubber bands and homemade rod holders that donít work. Itís time to enjoy fishing more with the fishing butler.


5 pack Fishing Butler (10 total) ~ $20.00  

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